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OCALA CDI - Dancing Under the Lights in the CDI3*


International dressage returned to World Equestrian Center (WEC) in Ocala, Florida, on Thursday 14 April 2022, with CDI3* competition sponsored by Hampton Green Farm and Discover Dressage.

In a Grand Prix field of 26 entries, Kerrigan Gluch and Mejorano HGF started on Thursday gearing up the P.R.E engines in the CDI3* claiming the sixth position in a large class with a Personal Best in the GP with a 70.217%

Even if we were full of joy, reasons to be happy were not over. On Friday Under the Lights, Kerrigan danced Grandioso’s Kur with Mejorano HGF. The atmosphere was magic, electrifying and above all mesmerizing. The Spanish melodies echoed in the Grand Arena and Kerrigan delighted the spectators, who roared into applause, shouts and ovations. At the end, the pair was all smiles after scoring a personal best of 73.725% for the yellow ribbon.

Gluch was also able to tick off a goal on her list by competing in this freestyle in the Grand Arena.

When I saw this facility before I moved here, I said, ‘I want to go down that chute and under the lights. I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but it’s a goal,’” she recalled. “I didn’t know if there would be people in the stands, and it was very full. It was incredible to trot in and see everyone there under the lights. It was a dream come true. To be able to do that tonight in front of a big crowd and representing Kim and Hampton Green Farm well and proud and showing off the breed is really special.”

April 15th will be remembered as the night that Mejorano HGF followed the steps of his father.

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