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Breeding for Dressage


Selected and contrasted bloodlines


For Hampton Green Farm, the mares are the key to breeding success. HGF has a wide selection of Broodmares with the best bloodlines (Marin García and Militar).  HGF uses their own main stallions, but recently has added several new mares in order to refresh the lines. 

The type of horse that Hampton Green Farm produces is based on three pillars: medium size, an excellent temperament as well as priority for movement. The prototype of HGF is usually grey or bay, with a height at the withers in range of 1.60- 1.70 cm, with triangular eyes and very expressive look, which denotes the nobility and the good temperament. They are strong, expressive and well balanced. In terms of gaits, the walk is a clear four beat, wide and with a good degree of flexibility and overtrack. The trot has a lot of cadence, suppleness and flexibility. Last but not least, the canter has a good amount of suspension and engagement of the hind leg.

In other words, HGF breeds a medium sized strong horse with good bone, strong back, and great mind. HGF PREs are known for expressive, even extravagant movement and innate ability for collection and Piaffe. A clear canter is a gait that we take pride in producing, as well as a relaxed walk with overstride. Overall, the mares and stallions are beautiful and sound in mind and body and will be for their lifetimes, if trained and treated correctly. Just ask other HGF horse owners!

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