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Vaquero HGF: First American-Bred Horse to Medal at SICAB

Vaquero HGF: First American-Bred Horse to Medal at SICAB


Vaquero HGF: First American-Bred Horse to Medal at SICAB

Throughout the year, the PREs of Spain compete in rated dressage shows for qualification in the year-end Copa ANCCE (Breeders Cup) Finals. The top 12 ranked horses of each division are invited to compete against each other for two days at SICAB—the highly visible (un-rated) Dressage Finals held in conjunction with the annual Breed Finals for PRE horses, sponsored by the National Association of PRE Breeders in Spain.

Vaquero HGF went into the competition in solid first place in the rankings—having earned his qualifying scores at CDIs at Sunshine Tour, Toledo and other shows.  A panel of national judges working at SICAB put him 7th on Day One and 2nd on Day Two, for a finish with the national title of Bronze for the Copa ANCCE 2013 in the 6 Year Old Dressage Division. This is the first time that a PRE horse bred on American soil has achieved such an honor at the annual national celebration of PRE breeders in Spain.

Vaquero is a 2007 PRE stallion by Cuatrero IV out of Encina HGF, born at HGF in Fruitport, Michigan. He was sent to Spain in 2010 to begin his training with Daniel Martin Dockx. Together the pair has finished as the top PRE in the official Young Horse Championships of Spain in 2012 and 2013. They are ranked 6th overall (out of 80) at year-end in the RFHE 6 Year Old rankings for Spain, and first among PREs.

Daniel and Vaquero are preparing for the Small Tour next year.

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