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Lendon Youth Festival 2014 at Hampton Green

Lendon Youth Festival 2014 at Hampton Green


For a third year, HGF in Fruitport was home to the Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest and the Michigan Emerging Dressage Athlete Clinic, held June 26-28. Ten riders were selected from applicants for the EDAP Clinic, and rode two days before Two-time US Olympian Lendon Gray, whose Dressage4Kids non-profit association has developed the EDAP program into a national feeder program for High Performance competition.

In addition to riding, the EDAP riders were given a written test on reading assignments, and were provided lectures over the two days from Gray as well as Equestrian College Advisor Randi Heathman and 2013 USEF National Young Rider Champion and NAJYRC Gold Medalist Ayden Uhlir. Ayden, who at 19 is the only Equestrian Athlete sponsored by Nike, was available throughout the weekend for conversations and meals with the riders as well as the Dressage Test Commentator for the Festival. The following riders participated in the 2014 Michigan EDAP Clinic:

Katherine Esterline, Katja Creswick, Emma Kemink, Nicole Gallant, Kerrigan Gluch, Kylie Heitman, Clair McNulty, Grace Sacoman, Katrina Sadis, and Sophia Schults

On the afternoon of the second day of the EDAP clinc, and just prior to the Exhibitor Dinner, the trailers rolled in for the Lendon Youth Festival—a one-day version of the highly popular event held annually in New York State, which was held the following day. The Festival is a competition consisting of 3 Divisions—a Written Test on assigned reading; a Dressage Test; and an Equitation Test. The 30 youth riders (under 21) were divided into age categories, and older riders assisted younger riders or served as roving trainers. Parents participated throughout the day volunteering in various stations, and Chef Frederic kept the good food coming. Throughout the afternoon, all riders and their parents had time to meet Lendon, discuss their child’s progress with her, listen to Randi Heathman discuss the “College Question”, and hear from Equestrian Journalist Betsy Labelle about wisdom she has learned from covering top riders and competitions.

The weather was perfect for the whole day until the end of the afternoon for the awards ceremonies, when a sudden storm almost flooded out the tent. But the enthusiasm was not dampened. In addition to the Division Awards, a number of special sponsored awards were given out, such as Best Turn Out Award, Best Volunteer, Best Score of a Horse Started by the Rider, Top Scoring Pony and PRE, etc. Along with devoted parents, local trainers were on hand to provide wisdom and support.

Special thanks to Lendon Gray, Ayden Uhlir, Randi Heathman, Betsy Labelle, Lyn Kendall, Claire Kendall, Marilyn Fahringer, Brenda Devin, Ron Schults, Laurie Moore, Andrea Landis, Betsy Bougie and Sean Dwyer, Jim, Maria and Maddy Guthrie, Brent and Tina Gluck, Judges Maryal Barnett and Elizabeth Crosby, Jodi Ness, Mike Schoenborn, our Sponsors Tractor Supply, Millbrook Tack and Trailer, Wildlife Galleries, USPRE, Laurie Moore Dressage, Concord Ridge Equestrian Center, Shoreline Dressage, US Pony Club and Dressage4Kids, Moms, Dads, and all who helped out selflessly to encourage our local young riders to be their best!

(For more photos, see the Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest page on Facebook.)

Congratulations to the Winners:






Overall High Point











Katrina Sadis












Reserve Champion


Kerrigan Gluck










High Point FEI Rider


Katrina Sadis


















High Point Written Test


Nicole Gallant


















High Point Dressage


Katrina Sadis


















High Point PRE



Kerrigan Gluch


















High Point Equitation


Kerrigan Gluch


















Turn Out Inspection Award


Claire McNulty


















Intro Turnout Award


Katrina Hogan


















High Point Pony Award


Katrina Sadis


















High Point Horse Started By Rider

Emma Kemmink


















High Point Sportsmanship Award

Chloe Grahek


















Newbie Award



McKenna Rhoades


















MVP Volunteer



Oliva Stille




















































































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