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Wrapping up a Good Year 


The 2023 season has been a whirlwind of triumphs and unforgettable moments. From sporting achievements to tremendous support for youth categories and the Spanish horse events in United States, it's been a year worth cherishing. 

We've witnessed outstanding athletic performances, from big championships to grassroots competitions. Our team riders displayed remarkable skills, resilience, and determination. Here’s a quick recap of our 2023 show season: 

At just 27 years old, Kerrigan has added two big international wins along with Mejorano HGF at the highest level of Grand Prix in both Wellington and Ocala. But the biggest cherry on the cake was her Team Selection to represent the United States in a European Nations Cup this past summer.  She defended the stars and stripes with an American home-bred PRE at the CDIO4* in Rotterdam, achieving a new Personal Best in the Freestyle with over 75%. This was truly historic in that it was the first time a PRE Horse had been named to a US Team, and opens doors to all highly competitive PRE horses and riders in the future!  Moreover, she ended up the season as the second-best PRE of the ANCCE ranking. Cartujano FSR has had spotlight moments as he has clinched the leaderboard on several occasions at the National Small Tour Level, with scores around 70%. 

Sophia Schults and Conocido HGF started with a bang at the Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic with a lot of tips for the new upcoming level she is preparing: U25 Grand Prix. With Didacus, all her hard work and effort put in over these past years has been rewarded with outstanding results. This combination has surpassed the 70% barrier at the Small Tour Level in national arenas. Definitely, a duo to keep an eye on in the upcoming competitions!

In addition to Gluch and Schults’s results, Justine Boyer found success at the Junior Level riding Campanero HGF. Justine has been collecting ribbons in the Junior Class, especially winning the new Title of Florida Youth Dressage Championships. This summer, she attended the FEI North American Youth Championships. 36 combinations went head-to-head across 9 teams. USDF REGION 3 earned the silver medal on a score of 204.364. Region 3 was comprised of Justine Boyer and Campanero HGF, Tessa Geven and Sir Frederico, Madison Sumner and Briar, and Virginia Woodcock and her own Mollegardens Sans-Souci. Teams and individuals showcased unparalleled skills and determination, creating memories that will be etched in history. For the second year in a row, the PRE is on top of the podium at the FEI NAYC. Last year was Sophia Schults with Conocido HGF, and this 2023 is Justine Boyer with Campanero HGF

 All these achievements wouldn't have been possible without Maria Lithander. Throughout the season, her dedication, passion, and particularly her support for the entire team of riders have been a cornerstone. 

Setting aside the competitions, one of the key events of this season was the Iberian Showcase in late October. For the second time, HGF participated through sponsorship and several exhibitions. The event exceeded all attendance expectations. The Spanish horse once again took center stage, showcasing its incredible versatility. 

Fall started with a new big addition to the team: Spanish rider: Alvaro Gómez who will be in charge of the new upcoming young horses of HGF—of which there are 5 in 2023, and fields of top quality future stock with the most competitive and sought-after bloodlines in Spain!

Another of the major highlights of the year has been the significant recognition of Kimberly Van Kampen through her appointment as an Honorary Member of ANCCE. This award is a substantial acknowledgment not just of her years as a successful breeder of PRE horses for the sport of Dressage, but also of her tireless efforts in founding the United States PRE Association and promoting the Spanish horse across the American continent. 

Finally, 2023 marked the end of an era for Hampton Green Farm. Late this year, the Michigan Farm was donated to a local Michigan non-profit to continue its role in the West Michigan community as an event and retreat center for non-profits. Since HGF Fruitport opened its doors, it has played host to dozens of local charities for fund-raisers and events, not the least of whom were dressage-based organizations that introduce our sport, train youth riders, and identify career-level talent. Once the decision was made to move the breeding program to Ocala, it was an obvious move to leave the Michigan facility in the hands of those who need it most. Read more about HGF Michigan’s transformation here: https://www.lilleycares.com/post/major-donation-of-hampton-green-farm-to-lilley-cares-announced

Yet 2023 also marked the start of a new chapter—the founding of a new facility in Ocala! Renovations and upgrades to a new, state-of-the-art breeding facility, have been underway since last summer and beginning in 2024, HGF mares, stallions and foals will be located in the Equestrian Capital of the World! More details to come in the new year….


As the season draws to a close, it's a time to reflect on these incredible accomplishments, celebrating the dedication and talent that have defined this remarkable year.  HGF concludes 2023 with a lot to cherish on and ready for the upcoming goals of 2024. 

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