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Week 3 in Wellington means USPRE WEEK


The Hampton Green Farm Horses continue to represent the PRE breed with excellence. On Thursday's 4* Grand Prix, Kerrigan scored a respectable 67.152 in a class where the majority of the class were scored within 1.8% points. 

On Friday Under the Lights, she took the stage with  Grandioso’s former Kur  “La Mancha” melodies echoed in the Grand Arena and Kerrigan delighted the spectators, who roared into applause at the conclusion. The pair was all smiles after scoring a personal best of 74.570%,

ending up with the 6th position overall. One of the judges awarded over 77%....with improvements always to be made, the future looks very bright.  

Justine Boyer made her comeback in Wellington at the international Junior level. Along with Campanero HGF they came home with two blue ribbons and a new Personal Best  too. We are so excited for this young pair! This truly could not have happened without such an incredible team. A huge thank you to  Maria Lithander for always guiding our riders to the right direction, and special thanks to Sophia for her exhibition ride for USPRE to kick-off the Grand Prix on Thursday

One of the big Highlights of Last Week is that Sophia Schults received the Horse And Rider of the Year Award from USPRE. Dr. Jane Bistline, president of USPRE handed the trophy to Sophia. This award is a big recognition for her results last summer with Conocido HGF:  Gold and Silver medals at the  North American Youth Championships 2022

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