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Hampton Green to Compete Two Horses in Copa ANCCE Finals at SICAB

Hampton Green to Compete Two Horses in Copa ANCCE Finals at SICAB


Daniel Martin Dockx will compete two HGF horses in the Copa ANCCE Finals at SICAB next week in Sevilla, Spain. SICAB is the annual PRE horse fair that brings out the morphology and sport champion PREs from around the country for a final competition. Qualification for SICAB is always very competitive, and for the Copa ANCCE Dressage Finals pairs compete throughout the year at open competitions to obtain a position in the top ten. The show is attended by more than 200,000 spectators throughout the week and also features championship morphology classes, jumping, Doma Vaquera and Doma Clasica, youth divisions, as well as seminars, clinics, classes, receptions and more. 

After so many years at the Grand Prix, Dani and HGF are back in the young horse classes with 2 stallions, in the 6 year old and 7 year old divisions. Six year old Mejorano HGF is a gray son of Grandioso, out of Ibiza, born in Michigan and trained by Dani for the last two years in Mijas. Mejorano was competed last year in both international and national classes. 

Ataturc DUC was purchased in April 2016 from Yeguada Ducal in Germany, and began his competition career in September of this year at the 7 year old level. Having done only two shows in his life, SICAB, with all its commotion and traffic, will certainly be a learning experience for him.

The last time HGF competed at SICAB was in 2013 with Vaquero HGF, who finished third overall in the 6 year old division.

SICAB classes are all livestreamed at and ride times are posted on the SICAB official website.


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