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Following a winter of competing in the international Junior Classes in Wellington, HGF Working Student Kerrigan Gluch was invited to represent Region 2 in the North American Junior Young Rider Championships in Kentucky with Lentisco XVIII. The pair joined several other of Lendon Gray’s WIT riders who qualified from various regions across the US and Canada, along with the rest of the top riders on the continent. One of these was Alexandra Meghji of Ontario, who competed for Canada on HGF-bred Iliado II, formerly owned by David Sonshein. Both ...More

HGF’s Grandioso is Highest Scoring PRE in Aachen History ...


The newly renovated Deutsche Bank Stadium was the focus of the dressage world for the Nations Cup at CHIO Aachen 2014. ...More

Lendon Youth Festival 2014 at Hampton Green ...


For a third year, HGF in Fruitport was home to the Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest and the Michigan Emerging ...More

Grandioso III and Daniel Martin Dockx 2014 Champions of Spain ...


For the second time in their career, Grandioso and Daniel Martin Dockx have taken the National Title for Dressage in ...More

Grandioso and Dockx Start the Outdoor Season with Strong Showing at Treffen CDI4 ...


Following a long winter out of the show ring, Jose Daniel Martin Dockx and Grandioso came back strong at their first ...More


TRC 2014 Brings Out the Best

After 10 months of planning, TRC 2014 was held in Paso Robles, CA, on Sunday September 14. Twenty of the best bred PRE horses in the United States ...


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Latitudes and Longitudes


26.6550* N, 80.2542*- Unless you’re a pilot or a ship captain these numbers probably don’t mean much, but thanks to Google I learned they are the latitude and longitudes of ...More