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Presenting HGF's 2014 "TEAM 70"

Presenting HGF's 2014 "TEAM 70"


The following riders and HGF-bred horses have achieved over 70% at their various levels in rated Dressage competitions in 2013. We congratulate our Team 70 for their accomplishments and look forward to their successes in 2014!

Daniel Martin Dockx and Vaquero HGF--FEI 6 Year Old Test

Nicholas Fyffe and Fiero HGF--FEI 5 Year Old Test

Christina Arrington and Decente HGF--USDF First Level

Annie Morris and Icaro HGF--USDF Second Level   

Alexandra Meghi and Iliado HGF--Canada First Level

Rachel Chowanec and Idolo Americano--USDF Third Level

Andrea Landis and Brioso HGF--USDF 4 Year Old Test

Maria Lithander and Cocota HGF--Training Level

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