Dedicated to the Development of the PRE Horse for Dressage in America.

HGF News 2009

Year End National Rankings and Awards

1 10.24.2009

The PREs of HGF finished the 2009 season with high rankings in both the USDF Horse of the Year Awards as well as the USDF/USPRE All Breeds Awards. [ ...More

Fall News 2009

2 10.11.2009

 Fall is a season of transition for the entire farm. The Stallion Barn staff is preparing to relocate to Wellington. Several young horses will be ...More

HGF at Dressage at Devon

3 10.05.2009

We are quite happy to be back from our week in Devon. Ana and Will put four 3 year old colts on the truck early Monday morning and made the 15 hour ...More

Considering Mares

4 09.20.2009

There has never been a better time to consider a mare for your next dressage mount. Several celebrity mares have been highly visible and successful at ...More

Abbas -- 2006 Approved PRE 'Black Pearl' Breeding Stallion. Available for 2010

5 09.14.2009

The Equine World's rarest coat color is the Double Pearl dilution, originating, as best we can tell, with the Iberian breeds--and is highly desirable ...More

Preparing for Devon

6 09.06.2009

 Following several busy weeks of visitors at HGF--including Scott Hassler, Courtney King-Dye, Lendon Gray, Pam Nelson and Heidi Gaian, our focus ...More