Dedicated to the Development of the PRE Horse for Dressage in America.




Hampton Green Farm is unique in that its Breeding Stallions are its Competition Stallions. All of the HGF stallions have breed/morphology awards and championships in both Spain and the United States, and are actively competing in the top dressage circuits of Wellington, Devon, and Region 2. We regularly update each stallion's scores and awards on their web page and also display their distinguished bloodlines. HGF stallions descend from the most coveted bloodlines in Spain for movement and performance, including Albero II, Sevillano IX, Remache, Adelante, Utrerano VII, Lebrijano III, and Receloso IV and Indiano VII. Over the years, HGF has brought together the best examples of modern PRE movement and athleticism, beauty and sensibility, and these unique characteristics are available to the American dressage community through our carefully developed breeding program. HGF stallions have proven that they can compete and win in the United States against top warmblood competition, and as such are the most decorated PRE sires in the United States.