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Giving Thanks for a Record Sales Season at Hampton Green Farm

Giving Thanks for a Record Sales Season at Hampton Green Farm




 In this season of giving thanks, HGF would like to thank all of our new owners for making 2010 a record year for horse sales. Over 20 HGF horses were sold in 2010, ranging from weanlings to stallions with competition records. We appreciate your trust in us and in our product and we stand behind your new purchase with our expertise, training opportunities, and our resources in horse and care and management. During these difficult times, which have affected the horse world deeply, we are most grateful for the continued interest in our product and support of our business. 


Our 2010 clients come from all sectors of the horse world. In 2010, we sold to:


 --1  6-time US Olympian and International Dressage Team Coach (and now Radio Personality)
 --5 Established Professional Dressage Trainers from California to Connecticut to Florida
 --2 Michigan Breeding Farms
 -- Parents of 3 JR/YRs
 --1 Brentina Cup Prospect
 -- And a number of serious Adult Amateur riders, as well as a few pleasure riders




Aside from "the business", we at HGF have many more things to be thankful for this Holiday Season--we are thankful to have the privilege to make a vocation of horses, we are thankful for all of the people we work with who make excellence their standard of work for HGF and its clients, we are thankful for our friends and supporters who have both laughed and cried with us, we are thankful to witness the miracle of seeing Courtney come back to life, and we are thankful for each animal we care for and how they bless our lives.




Happy Thanksgiving to all!


HGF Team

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