Dedicated to the Development of the PRE Horse for Dressage in America.




Why Buy a PRE Horse?

            The PRE Horse has been bred and prized for centuries for its unique beauty. The characteristic features of the PRE Horse--the high-set neck and proud head, the short back and rounded croup, the refined leg and luxurious mane and tail--have defined the standard for equine beauty since the Renaissance.
            The PRE Horse is unmatched in its intelligence, trainability, and sensibility.
            Modern breeding standards have improved the strength of the back and hindquarters of the PRE Horse resulting in more ground-covering gaits and forward movement, while keeping the breed’s trademark high-stepping expression and aptitude for collection.  
            The PRE Horse is the world’s newest developing sport horse breed. Demand for well-bred and well-trained PREs exceeds the supply in the US as well as in Spain.

Why Buy a PRE Horse from Hampton Green Farm?


 --Proven Sires in World-Class Competition
            HGF selects for breeding only those stallions who have proven themselves in dressage competition as well as in the morphology circuits, as HGF believes that the mentality and ability to do upper level work are inherited. In the past three years alone, HGF sires and offspring have taken first or have been in the ribbons in over 25 CDI classes in the US and Europe, 3 HGF horses have placed in the top five in National Dressage Championships in both the United States and Spain, including achieving National Grand Prix Champion of Spain in 2011. Most recently HGF sire Grandioso was appointed to the Olympic Dressage Team for Spain, finishing 29th of 50 in London 2012.
--Modern Movement
HGF horses embody the most sought-after traits of the modern Dressage horse—natural roundness conveyed by a ground-covering rhythmic trot with suspension, freedom of the shoulder with knee action in front, and a quick hind leg to match; a canter that is supported by a powerful hind-quarters with flexibility of the croup and a natural propensity to carry the weight underneath the body; a clear four-beat walk with moderate over-stride. The trademark style of movement historically associated with Iberian horses has now become desired by FEI-level riders and pursued by warmblood breeders .
--Ideal Environment for Young Horses
All HGF young horses are kept in herds and live outside in large pastures for the majority of the year, exposed to all the conditions of the outdoor life. They are handled and started by our experienced staff, who do not introduce stress or isolation into the young horses’ experiences. As a result, HGF horses are confident, social and sensible.
--Clientele--HGF is the PRE breeder of choice for Olympians Martin Schaudt, Robert Dover, Courtney King-Dye, Jose Daniel Martin Dockx and Lendon Gray. The majority of HGF buyers are professional dressage riders.

How to Evaluate a Young Horse:

1. Look for 3 good gaits.
2. Keep in mind that size is not as important as quality and scope of movement.
3. Evaluate the young horse’s temperament, in the context of the situation.
4. Look for a conformation that will assist your riding goals, or that will best represents the breed standards.
5. Judge the young horse for overall Harmony—of conformation, temperament and movement.
6. Consider the qualities of the parents, view siblings and training sessions with sires if possible.
7. Consider the age of the young horse and its state of development. Scope, strength, suspension and balance improve as the horse reaches physical maturity—6 or 7 years old in the PRE breed.
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