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HGF News 2012

HGF's Grandioso, Daniel Martin Dockx and the Olympic Experience

1 08.12.2012

The level of competition in the London 2012 Olympics was by all accounts the highest in the history of the sport, as was the level of spectatorship. ...More

Grandioso III and Daniel Martin Dockx to Compete in London!

2 07.29.2012

With the unfortunate withdrawal of Beatriz Ferrer-Salat's Delgado due to an injury, Hampton Green Farm's Grandioso III and Daniel Martin Dockx move ...More

2012 Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest Champions

3 07.23.2012

In its second year, the 2012 LYDFM brought out close to 35 riders (up from 20 last year) from as far away as Georgia and Missouri, and close to 60 ...More

Hampton Green Farm's Grandioso and Daniel Martin Dockx Appointed Spanish Olympic Team Reserves

4 07.10.2012

In January 2011, ten months after Courtney King-Dye's riding injury, Grandioso left Wellington for Spain. In the year and a half that he has been in ...More

Count Down to EDAP and LYDFM--July 10-12:

5 07.01.2012

--Registration closes on July 9 for the Lendon Youth Festival Midwest. Get your entries in now while stabling is still available. Updated Prize List ...More

Endel Ots to Replace Robert Dover at Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest

6 06.24.2012

Due to circumstances in his family, Robert Dover regretfully has had cancel his appearance at the Exhibitor's Dinner and Lendon Youth Festival Midwest ...More