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HGF News 2012

Spanish National Championships 2012

1 09.24.2012

The Spanish National Championships will be held in Zaragoza on 5-15 October. HGF will  compete in the 5 Year Old Division in the Young Horse ...More


2 09.17.2012

Why Buy a PRE Horse?   --Beauty             The PRE Horse has been bred and prized for centuries for its unique ...More

Dressage4Kids' Emerging Dressage Athlete Program and Hampton Green Farm Announce Inaugural Winter Training Program

3 09.10.2012

Dressage4Kids’ Emerging Dressage Athlete Program and Hampton Green Farm are pleased to announce their inaugural winter training opportunity for ...More

TEAM 70: Cindy Ramirez-Smith Does It Again

4 09.03.2012

Cindy Ramirez-Smith, professional dressage trainer from Templeton California, continues her winning tradition on HGF horses with her latest scores ...More

Training Blog by Andrea Landis

5 08.27.2012

HGF is pleased to introduce Andrea Landis, our Working Student Instructor this past summer at HGF and new owner of Brioso HGF--3 year old bay gelding ...More

County Saddle a Member of Team Grandioso

6 08.20.2012

When Daniel Martin Dockx and Grandioso went down the center line in London, they were supported by a team of top trainers, veterinarians, physical ...More